Who We Are

Welcome to Search Win online tips through blogs that provide useful tips in an easy to
understand format. The important goal of this site is to provide readers with daily computer
tutorials, teach different features of the Windows operating system. As well as software reviews
and personal computing tips. David started this blogging in April of 2008 as a way to note down
all of the cool websites. And the free software applications found on the internet.

Hence, they started to write a couple of tutorials that helped them out with their daily talks while
working in IT. As a result, David and the team have written well over 5000 articles on topics
ranging from windows to database. They enjoy blogging because it not only provides a service to
the people who read the blog. Moreover, broadens their knowledge and understanding of the

At the present time, the site has currently average around 70,000 visitors a day. And about less
than 2 million page views every month. Most movement of the site from the US and UK, with
India coming in third place. Most of the influx of viewers come from search engines and the rest
is either direct or by referral. They encourage their viewers and readers to ask questions on any
topic related to computers. Mostly, they receive a bunch of emails, so it takes a day or two to get
back in contact with them. They are planning to have a technical forum into their blog eventually.
David and the team want their subscribers to write an article. With the link on the Contact Me in
the right sidebar and they will email them instructions on what they are looking for and how to
get started. Not all article will be entertained but if the email is according to technology, software,
Web 2.0 sites will greatly fit. It is also recommended if the articles are about different types of
Windows operating system.